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Health Checkup - Double Check

Double Check is a new medical center for medical check ups providing full health check ups and medical second opinion services. We provide body checks for individuals looking for more convenience and efficiency than a large hospital can offer, and greater expertise than a single private doctor or private clinic can provide. Double Check is a partner of several important Academic and Private Medical Centers in Zurich including Clinic Hirslanden, Privatklinik Bethanien and the University Hospital Zurich and works closely with their renowned doctors and professors. We have a clear vision of healthcare focused on: Convenience, individually tailored diagnostics, prevention, and recommendations, in cooperation with the experience and global network of one of the world's leading university hospitals.

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A checkup aims to assess your body’s function and structure. A personal and family history of symptoms and previous diseases, a thorough clinical examination performed by an experienced physician, and a set of laboratory tests and additional examinations, all enable the assessment of your current state of health.

A second opinion is a consultation with an experienced doctor or center, based on the examinations and reports available so far.

Double Check provides in-house the complete offerings of a sports-cardiology check-up to help preventing cardiovascular death during sports.

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